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Access the availability of tens of thousands of legal professionals.

Appointment online, 24/7 physical or video consultation.

Receive automatic reminders by SMS

Track your sensitive cases in the blink of an eye.

Chat with your customers, in complete safety.

Free up time by booking an appointment online with our software.

Develop the activity of your practice according to your needs.

Gain day-to-day working comfort by reducing phone calls to your practice.

Military encription security.

Completely Free Application For Your Customers.

Simplify the follow-up of your Customers.

A solution perfectly suited to your JUSTISCALLPRO agenda.

Easier follow-up: continue to follow your customers, simply and without travel restrictions.

More frequent follow-up: ensure regular follow-up of your clients by alternating consultations at the office and teleconsultations.

Service popular with your patients: more than 4 million people have already done a teleconsultation on JUSTISCALL.

Intuitive use: your customers make an appointment online, receive a reminder by SMS and carry out their teleconsultation with ease.

Limitation of contamination risks: consult in complete safety, from where and when you want, and thus limit the risks of contamination, for you and your Customers.

Flexibility: convert your physical consultations into video in 1 click, until the last minute if necessary.

Sending secure documents: exchange Legal documents with your clients, in a few clicks and in complete security.

All-in-one solution: manage all of your consultations, on video or in the office, in a single tool.

Improve the care of your customers and ensure the continuity of relationships.

When technology becomes simple and is at your service.

We have integrated teleconsultation into all the JustisCall tools, to improve and simplify the follow-up of your Customers.

Reduce your administrative burden and unfulfilled appointments

Online appointments made by your clients: save 1.5 hours of time per week, thanks to appointments made online directly by your clients.

Offer a new experience to your Customers

Patient acquisition: receive an average of 33 new Customers per month thanks to your presence on JUSTISCALLPRO


Your  independence  and your  freedom  are your most precious possessions, they are your strength and you want to keep them.

To achieve this, your efficiency and expertise are your best assets. And if you know the importance of material issues, you lack the time to devote to them: which  practice management software  is the best in my field? Which  computer model to  choose? How can I make up for the absence of my assistant  without wasting time? …

To answer these questions even before asking them, you need a  competent interlocutor who is  fully aware of the  challenges  of your profession and the  constraints  that your status implies.

Discover JUSTISCALL mobile application

To access your legal professionals at any time Free of charge .

Bring your Rights !

Discover JUSTISCALLPRO mobile application

For legal professionals manage your appointments anytime, anywhere.

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Thanks for your great service, Thanks to JustisCall. No more waste of time.

Sophie Bardon


Great services, Thanks to JustisCall, my work was simplified

Eliane Adoul


Many thanks to JustisCall, my work was reduced by 2

Eric Robert


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